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5 Tips to Prevent Driver Fatigue

Truck driving can provide a significant living for you and your family. However, most truck drivers would tell you that one of the main struggles of this profession is dealing with fatigue while driving. Fatigued driving can be extremely dangerous to the driver and everyone around them. We are sharing a few of our favorite tips on how to prevent driver fatigue.

Pull Over When Needed

Pulling over might seem obvious, but it could seriously save lives. Restful sleep is crucial for preventing driving fatigue, but it's not always possible on the road. If you feel drowsy, then you should pull over. It is better to take a nap and relieve your drowsiness before it becomes a safety hazard.

Healthy Diet

Many people become drowsy because their bodies lack essential nutrients. When your body is well-nourished, it has energy longer. Furthermore, eat balanced meals on the road to decrease your chance of becoming drowsy while driving. Your body also needs to be well hydrated. Dehydration could also be a cause of drowsiness. Caffeine and alcohol consumption increase dehydration, so avoid those as well. Keep water in your truck with you and drink plenty of it!

Stretch It Out

Sitting in the truck for too long decreases blood flow to your extremities. Every once in a while, find a truck stop and walk around for a short time. Stretching will increase blood flood to your muscles. Doing this will make you more alert and decrease drowsiness. 


While at the truck stop, get in a few short, vigorous exercises. Exercising may sound strange to do at a truck stop, but your health is more important than the thoughts of those around you. Exercise will increase your heart rate, wake you up, and improve blood flow. Ten minutes of exercise occasionally can go a long way! Not only can it help prevent driver fatigue, but it's also a great way to stay healthy on the road.

Mental and Physical Health

Lastly, there could be a medical reason for your driver's fatigue. If you feel more tired than you think you should be, make an appointment with a medical professional to check for underlying conditions such as obstructive sleep apnea. Mental health also plays a prominent role in this profession. You may have a lot of time to yourself – use this time as a positive thing and not a negative. If you feel your mental health is affected, seek a professional opinion.

All these tips are crucial for avoiding fatigued driving and keeping you and those around you safer, which is our ultimate goal at Barber Trucking, Inc.

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