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Barber Trucking transporting The Wall That Heals

The Wall That Heals

For over five years, Barber Trucking has been involved in The Wall That Heals project. Barber became involved with the project from the Truckload Carriers Association. Barber Trucking's owners, Joe and John, are both huge supporters of the military and veterans. We also have several veterans working here. Barber commits to helping out and giving back.
11 Axel Heavy Load from Barber Trucking

From the Driver’s Seat to the Office Seat

The secret to a great trucking company is having the right people. You need the right combination of owner, operations manager, load planners, driver managers and, most importantly, the right drivers, to equal a great trucking company! Changing your seat can help you see the company more clearly than you ever could before.

Barber Flatbed Truck photo by Barber Truck Driver

Healthy Eating on the Road

Life on the road can be great for many reasons, but it can also take a toll on your body, if you aren’t careful. Eating on the road usually consists of finding something convenient – which usually doesn’t mean healthy. We can help you take care of yourself, while you are working to take care of your family.
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