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Healthy Eating on the Road

Life on the road can be great for many reasons, but it can also take a toll on your body quickly. Eating on the road usually means finding something convenient – which doesn’t always mean healthy. We can help you eat healthier while you're working to take care of your family.

Truck driving is not a profession that can do meal prep like most jobs, but you can be conscious of what you are fueling your body.

Eat Smaller Meals

First, as a truck driver, your metabolism works best if you eat five small meals instead of the usual three. Eating smaller meals more frequently will boost your metabolism. Three large meals will be too many calories at once because it will be harder to work them off. Therefore, the five small meals will treat your body better.

Plan Ahead / List Ideas

Try to shop before you are on the road for things to bring along. Making healthy choices curbs the urge to buy fast food. Fast food will no longer be the most convenient when you have food with you already.

Shop When You Stop

When you have to stop, go to a convenience store instead of fast food restaurants. You don’t have to open the doughnut case for a delicious snack because they often have healthier options. These might include:

  • string cheese
  • hummus
  • yogurt
  • fruit
  • vegetables
  • nuts
  • hard-boiled eggs
  • whole grain snacks
  • meal shakes
  • and many more!

Many trucks have mini-refrigerators – take advantage of that to store food and take it with you after a stop. If this isn't an option, try purchasing a cooler bag or mini-cooler. Bringing food helps you eat smaller, healthier meals. You could store sandwiches and many of the other items listed above.

Drink Water Often

Drink water! It is easy to grab a soda or energy drink while on the road, but your body will be happy if you swap those for water. Eliminating unhealthy drinks also ditches tons of calories and sugar.

Portion Control

Portion sizes are super important. Again, five SMALL meals are so much better for you than three big meals. Limiting your portion sizes is simple and easy to do on the road! If you buy in bulk, portion your food into smaller bags to prevent mindlessly over-eating.

Healthy Eating is Not Impossible

Healthy eating is not impossible for a truck driver. Even when they have no idea how long they will be on the road, a truck driver can still find simple ways to take care of themselves!

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Barber Flatbed Truck photo by Barber Truck Driver
Healthy Eating on the Road
Life on the road can be great for many reasons, but it can also take a toll on your body, if you aren’t careful. Eating on the road usually consists of finding something convenient – which usually doesn’t mean healthy. We can help you take care of yourself, while you are working to take care of your family.

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