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It Pays To Stay At Barber Trucking

It was a challenging week on the road. Traffic jams, detention time, delayed pick-up, and heavy rain made this week feel like it was never-ending. Your little one caught the flu, so your wife had to take care of her all night. Then, she is exhausted by the end of the week. However, she has an entire week of housework to catch up on. The in-laws want to go on a long-weekend trip to the lake, but you are not sure if that is a good idea. So, should you go on the trip or save money? 

So, does this story sound familiar? We treat our drivers like family at Team Barber because of stories like these. You are driving for many reasons – your family, financial independence, career growth, and so much more. How can we help families and minimize those worries? With the TEAM BARBER TOTAL PACKAGE, that is more than just cents per mile.

We know you’ve probably looked around and thought about switching trucking companies once or twice because they promise a higher CPM and starting bonuses. Then, you find out that the higher CPM has a delayed start, and the starting bonuses have restrictions in the fine print that you didn't notice. Above all, every company claims they offer the best benefits but neglect to mention that you don't get them immediately.

Don’t believe we are different? Look below at our TOTAL TEAM PACKAGE that allows you to make more money because IT PAYS TO STAY at Barber Trucking.

Our Total Team Package lets you enjoy your job while we provide the best care for you and your family.

Barber TruckingCompany ACompany B
All-inclusive CPM Average$0.63$0.57$0.51
Safety BonusesN/A
Home on Friday AfternoonsIf you're luckyForget it
Vacation Pay1-2 Years Service = 1 Week @ $825/Wk
3-4 Years Service = 2 Weeks @ $875/Wk
5-9 Years Service = 3 Weeks @ $925/Wk
10+ Years Service = 4 Weeks @ $1,025/Wk
Holiday Pay$75 or opt out for additional CPM/%
For all 7 Holidays (New Year's Day, Easter, Memorial Day, July 4th, Labor Day, Thanksgiving, and Christmas)
Tarp PayRegular Tarp Pay: $45
Conestoga Tarp Pay: $10
Stop PayN/A
Detention PayN/AN/A
Layover/ Breakdown PayN/A
Medical Insurance
Vision Insurance
Dental Insurance

So, remember the story above? It's good you were home by Friday afternoon because you were there to take the pressure off your exhausted wife. Your little girl had the flu, but don't worry! We offer Medical Insurance with Low Co-Pays to take care of you and your family because it includes doctor visits and prescription coverage. Additionally, we provide you with the opportunity to earn Paid Vacation time to help you deal with the financial pressure of vacationing with your family.

It Pays to Stay at Barber Trucking

In any case, the facts speak for themselves. Barber Trucking is a company you want to stay with because they offer you all the benefits you need to succeed. For the same reason, we are proud of the happiness and financial stability we provide for our drivers and their families. 

So, interested in Joining Team Barber?

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