Canadian Wood

" Barber trucking is definitely one of the most dependable companies I’ve had the pleasure to work with. They always deliver on time and never make excuses. Truly an outstanding trucking company. "

Taiga Building

" When you want reliable and friendly service you can count on as part of your supply chain, Barber Trucking is has team of professionals you can trust with your shipping needs. "

Jim C. Hamer Co.

" We have been doing business with Barber Trucking for about 15 to 20 years.

Not only could we count on reasonable, fair, and competitive pricing but the excellent service provided in the past made us confident for the future. 

During this time frame, we cannot recall any issues or problems we have encountered with this company. If all the trucking companies would be close to the type of service we receive from Barber Trucking then we as shippers would have a much easier job. "


" I am always asked why I choose Barber Trucking for the majority of my shipments. My answer is always this: reliability. In my experience, Barber Trucking is always on time with deliveries. I never have customer complaints. I know that when I book a shipment with Barber, it will be delivered on time, every time. I never have to worry or check in on shipments. Their customer service is outstanding! "



" We have been using Barber Trucking for a number of years.  We ship numerous types of loads to numerous locations, from one end of the United States to another.  We have used many or their own trucks and have even used their Brokerage division from time to time.  The dispatchers have always been kind, courteous, and willing to do everything in their power to make your needs happen.  The dispatchers always return e-mail promptly.  The trucks and trailers are new and in great shape.  The always have various sizes of tarps, chains and binders, and straps.  The drivers are all great and do not take much time tarping the loads.  Overall we have been very pleased with the service and employees of this great trucking company and would highly recommend them to anyone looking for solid, dependable service. "

Allegheny Wood Products

" Barber Trucking has always been a dependable carrier for me.  If they have one of our loads, I know it’s in good hands and will be delivered on time.  They have excellent employees handling their loads and are always extremely helpful.  They excel in delivering to certain areas that I can’t get other carriers to even consider. "