May 2017 News Letter


1. Allow extra travel time.– It is more important to arrive at your destination safely, than to arrive at your desired time. Don’t push traffic lights and speed to make it to your destination early. Expect increased traffic and understand it may take longer to reach your destination on the holiday.


2. Get out of your vehicle and stretch.– Moving your legs and walking every couple of hours will help you stay alert on the roads. We suggest even parking at a parking spot further away when you take a break, so you have to walk a little farther distance.


3. Understand the times of highest risk.– The greatest risk is on Friday afternoon, as people are getting off work and are ready to enjoy the weekend. During these times, be prepared as the sun will be setting and travelers will be tired from the day’s labor. Be sure not to block the roadway with your visor, bring a snack as you will likely be hungry and that can also contribute to stress levels.


4. Avoid alcohol. Alcohol and driving is always a bad mix. 


Join Barber Trucking on May 30th  at the Jefferson County Fairgrounds in honor of the Vietnam War veterans.

Barber Trucking Inc., based out of Brookville, PA, is making one of our biggest hauls ever from May 29 – 31, totaling approximately 700 miles from start to finish. We will be picking up The Wall That Heals on May 29 and bringing it to the Jefferson County Fairgrounds in Brookville, PA on May 30!

The Wall That Heals is a mobile, half-scale replica of the Vietnam Veterans Memorial that is in Washington, D.C., holding the names of over 58,000 men and women who made a difference and were an inspiration in Vietnam and giving honor and pride to the many American people who served in the Vietnam War. The wall is not only 250 feet long and made up of 24 individual panels; it also holds a mobile Education Center that displays photos, history, and memorabilia, all that is related to the Vietnam Veterans Memorial.

However, because of lack of time, we will not be able to show the wall replica.  Instead, we will be showing the mobile Education Center and Information Center. Even though we are not able to show the wall, we still feel honored to haul it a great distance, and to show the history of the Vietnam War and information about the Vietnam Veterans Memorial.

We at Barber Trucking see this hauling project as a great opportunity to express our respect and gratitude to all of our veterans. On May 29, we will pick up the exhibit from Oneonta, NY and bring it to the Jefferson County Fairgrounds in Brookville, PA. The public can view the exhibit from 8 AM to 5 PM on May 30. On May 31, we will then deliver The Wall That Heals to Groton, NY to be set up in Port Byron for the local school to display.


We thank the men and women for their loyal service to our country.


On April 12th Joe & Tracy visited Wheatland Tube and were presented with an award naming Barber Trucking  “Zekelman Industries 2017 Regional Carrier of the Year”.

This award was made possible due to the hard work of our drivers and support staff. Keep up the good work!